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Why you're here..

You want something different. You're tired of sifting through 100’s of cookie-cutter wedding photos. You’re looking for the UNPOSED, the REAL EMOTIONS, the REAL MOMENTS. 

....That moment your mother wipes a little tear off her cheek, that look of pure joy on your partners face when they see you walking down the isle... That moment a groomsmen rips his pants wide open on the dance floor  

THESE are the photographs that you are looking for. These are the ones that you will look back at 20 years later and still be able to FEEL the emotions of that moment.


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Past Client Love

"We brought Andy to New York for engagement photos some six months before our wedding, and the three of us gallivanted around the city taking pictures like we were old, dear friends. Andy has a quality that made us feel at ease --The long and the short of it is, Andy's the best. Choosing him as your photographer will be one of the best decisions you make while planning your wedding."

~Cam & Jake

"Beyond his raw talent, he really connects with the couples he works with. In reality, you might remember very little from your wedding. All those months of planning go by quickly on the actual day. The photos are what will last.  His artistic shots, unexpected angles and use of dramatic lighting will stun you as you review the photos with friends and family"

~Tamar & Zach

"Choosing Andy as our photographer was easy because we loved his style. We are so grateful to him for making us feel comfortable in front of the camera and capturing all those special moments"

~Dave & Marina

"He really made us feel as ease and captured the spirit of our wedding. I felt like he really got to know us as a couple and therefore was able to capture photos that really feel like us."

~Catherine & Jack

"Incredible talent!! We were blown away by Andy’s work and our guests keep commenting on how amazing all the photos are— true masterpieces!"

~Christiana & Ben

Everyone is welcome Here
Everyone is safe here

I am proud to celebrate and embrace the diversity of love in all forms. I strongly believe that every love story deserves to be captured in a way that authentically represents the unique journey of each couple, regardless of their sexual orientation or race. Love is Love
Your Story Matters.


"Our guests keep commenting on how amazing all the photos are - True Masterpieces!" 

I'm sure you can already hear all the laughter and you are starting to feel the excitement. You've poured your heart, time and money into creating your wedding day. It'll be a day that etches joyous memories into your hearts forever. 
A wedding is full of surprises, but wondering if your wedding photos will be any good shouldn't be one of them. 
Years from now, when you're cozied up on the couch, flipping through your wedding album, it won't just be about the perfect shots. It will be about reliving the day that was perfectly yours, from the grandest moments, down to the most intimate ones.

That's why my couples trust me to capture their precious moments, immortalizing these memories for lifetimes to come.

So take a glimpse through my lens to see what I do, where excellence is the norm - no matter the location or the circumstances.

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Why I love being a Vermont wedding photographer

Being a wedding photographer based in Vermont, I have the privilege of living in the place where so many people want to come for play, AND weddings! 
I get to witness some of the most breathtaking views that nature has to offer, and the wedding venues here in Vermont have a lot of these as their backdrops!  Topnotch Resort is just one prime example!
 From the lush green mountains to the tranquil lakes, Vermont provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding or elopement, but you already knew that. 

The best part? It's easy for me to be based in Vermont, but still capture destination weddings all over New England and beyond. I frequently travel all over to locations like Portsmouth NH, Portland Maine, Boston Mass, and everywhere in between.  

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