about andy madea photography


& a different kind of nostalgia 

Because for me, this goes beyond delivering wedding photos.
It's delivering artistic and meaningful images— infused with emotion.
That you and your loved ones will laugh, cry about,
and cherish for years to come.

​​​​​​​I get to document your day from within your inner circle.
And I see this as an awesome privilege and responsibility.

Keep reading to learn more about my approach.
and what drives me to do things differently.

deeper purpose


I recently became a parent, which has given me a new perspective on life and a deeper understanding of the importance of documenting real moments. 
In our world of instant gratification, it may be challenging to think decades into the future about what these images might mean to you and your legacy. But now, more than ever, I am convinced that the art I create for you has true, beautiful, legacy-level value.

"In reality, you might remember very little from your wedding. All those months of planning go by quickly on the actual day. The photos are what will last.

His artistic shots, unexpected angles, use of dramatic lighting, and superb editing skills will stun you as you review the photos with friends and family."


big adventures


When I'm not photographing weddings or spending time with my wife and son, you can find me bouncing around the mountains chasing snow or chasing sun in the tropics. And you can be sure my camera always comes with me. 

Much like you, I view life as one big adventure. And I am passionate about documenting the experiences as I go along. 
Given my experience in travel, sports, and action photography, I am a pro at capturing the action of your day. The movements of your people. And the truly candid nature of any moment. So you can be sure you'll receive images full of energy, emotion, and movement.

"He takes amazing candid photos, but also isn't afraid to get a bit artsy with some shots.

Andy is the perfect fit for my couples who are outdoorsy, chill, avid beer fans - and who want a unique approach to photography."

Liz Seward - Planner at Topnotch Resort

peaceful presence


Be it a big mountain, dangerous terrain, or the high-stress energy of a wedding—I stay calm under pressure. In fact, I often find my brain is fully focused and kicks into high gear when faced with chaos or challenge.
So, you can be sure I won't be another hectic force on an already hectic day. Instead, I'll be a source of peace and calm. And I've been told by my couples and planners alike how refreshing that can be. 

"An incredible vibe of compassion, joy and calm."

He is the most wonderful human, with an incredible vibe of compassion, joy and calm.
He made us feel at ease every step of the way.


a raw approach


You'll often find me moving from place to place, taking creative chances, and capturing things from a unique perspective. This is because rather than pursuing technical perfection, I aim to document real moments of real people in real time. 

As a photographer, I initially had my eyes set on conflict and war photography because I was drawn to photojournalism. I was moved by the idea of capturing real, raw images that tell an impactful story—without controlling it. 
Over the last 10 years, I have photographed over 150 weddings using this approach, earning me a spot as one of the world's top 50 wedding documentary photographers. And while I never thought I'd be a wedding photographer, I can't imagine capturing a more meaningful or important story.


"We knew that he cared about us and our vision, and he did whatever he needed to do to make it happen all with his own artistic flare.

Far and away, Andy was the real star of the wedding. Not only was he exorbitantly talented, but he is so amiable, and brought such a good energy to every interaction he had."

Campbell & Jake

my personal why


When a story reflects the complexities of life, it will continue to resonate with audiences over the years.


is what I want to give to you 


—and your future generations.

 I don't remember my grandparents as these prim, proper, and posed people.
I remember them rolling around on the carpet with us, laughing and being silly. One look at this photo of them in a giant bear hug—goofing off, pants rolled up, and shirts untucked— reminds me of who they really were. 



It felt so personal.

"It's hard to put into words but in each of the weddings we looked at, you felt like you were fully submerged into THEIR wedding and THEM."